19 Jul 2012

{Lego - just for boys?}

Last week I was invited to go up and take a look at the next round of releases of the Lego Friends product range. This is a sub brand under the bigger Lego heading, and the design of the sets in specifically aimed at appealing to girls.

Originally I was a little sceptical about the whole approach. I mean I remember playing with Lego as a child. Why have sets aimed at girls? What makes it different now?

Nothing is the answer - from what I can see except maybe a bit more bright and a slight emphasis on more typical girl related activities like horse riding (also the people in the girls sets - which differ from the traditional Lego people) When I got the invite and saw it was 'girl' Lego, I was thinking 'oh gee pink princess Lego - seriously?' But seeing the sets it wasn't about princesses. It was a plane, the camp fire and summer riding camp - it was about being a real girl I guess, doing real things. The wave of release has a real emphasis on being outside.

The design of the set was lovely and bright (yes touches of pink, but check out Lego city set - lots of blue going on over there!!) What I really like about the sets is that I could easily see these integrating alongside the Lego City marina and police station. The sets were fun and bright and had lots of things to look at (like the mini BBQ grill and marshmallows on sticks!)

As much as the whole 'gender' stereotyping is coming into play, from talking to the ladies at the PR event we discussed that a lot of this does not come down to the child  - who would happily play with the fire truck or the horse camper van. But more so the adults in picture. For example your invited to a birthday party for a 7 year old girl, what to buy, head to toy shop, stand there looking, and would you go look at the Lego sets (unless you specifically knew the little girl!) but if the Lego sets were in the 'girl' section of the toy shop. You just might. Now I'm not saying this is right behaviour, and I'm not saying all people are the same. But I can see why these sets will appeal to adults when buying sets.

I also like the fact that the sets are not you stereotypically girl things (like a princess castle...) but the focus is on fun, being outside and more important than that - On being creative, on using your imagination and on playing. These sets all use the same bricks as the other sets so they can be used alongside the other Lego ranges.

I actually cannot wait for Maxwell to get some Lego (and I have been eyeing up boxes of them! - he loves his duplo sets!)

Overall I give it a big thumbs up.

Let me know what you think?


There will be a Lego Friends Advent Calendar our in September ! Awesome right!!

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  1. Hhhmmmm.... bit of a tricky one for me this. I dislike things being aimed at girls or boys but its not that makes me irritated about this range, its the size. We are huge Lego fans in our house and I have a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I know that when she develops an interest in the Friends range, they will want to put the stuff together, and it looks like it won't fit because of the size of figures. The "bits" are very specific these days too. HOWEVER, it is just so darn cute and I want to play with it myself and I can't wait to get my girl into it and I'm very very excited about it but shush don't tell! ;-)