9 Jul 2012

{Happy Birthday Blog}

4 years ago today I started blogging.

and in honour of my blog turning 4 I'm throwing a bit of a week long party - there is a few guests dropping by and lots of posts about all things birthday related! I hope you stick about for the fun?!

First up, a little wander down memory lane.

A lot has happened in those 4 years.....

I used to be happy to spend money on going out drinking, we spent our weekend out for dinner or doing our own things (like scrapbooking retreats for me and lads holidays for K) Now our weekends are full of family friendly activities and we prefer to spend the little money we have on the boy.
I used to have a 'boyfriend' and now I have a husband.

It used to be just us two and now we are a family of three.
I used to be 3 stone heavier.

I used to be very stressed out in my job. I am much happier in my one now.

I'm glad I have moved on. I am happy to be a wife and mother. I really enjoy my job. I am proud of my weight loss.

So let's get this party started.....



  1. Happy bloggy birthday Leanne! Hope there's more to come, you have progressed so far since starting out!

  2. Happy blog birthday! What a lovely list of times to remember :)