17 Jul 2012

{Feeling Inspired}

That's the word.

That's how I felt on Sunday.

Its weird feeling. Inspired not just to scrapbook or knit but to actually create art work, for art's sake.

This weekend me and the hubby took a drive over to Brixton for the Urban Art Festival. It was a lovely sunny morning, and the festival was lined along a pretty residential road, outside hanging beautiful, inspiring, thought provoking and amazing pieces of artwork. Ranging from paintings to photography to mixed media to lino prints to drawings. Pieces that made you think, that made you stare, that made you smile. Its been a while since I have felt this kind of inspiration.

We had been invited to go down and take a look at the festival by a good friend of ours Dapo. I'm unsure if I've mentioned this before, but me and K studied together (and graduated). we both have degrees in graphic design - even though our lives have taken us in different directions since then. Dapo was a fellow student of ours. Since graduating K and him have stayed in contact and he always makes a effort to see us, speak to us and in general he is a rather lovely guy! On top of this he is a very talented artist. His imagination = awesome. So we went to support our friend, see his work and show some love.

 He definitely has a style and rocks it.
I love the pops of colour in the crocodile - but my fave is the black and red artwork. A real statement and stands out (that's his feet in the picture!)
Walking along this street of beautiful artwork (and talking to Dapo who is very encouraging and persuasive in regards to me making some art!) has got me itching to give it a go. To get some paints and some canvas and see what happens. I have always enjoyed being 'creative' but never made a canvas. That's my mission this week. Just try.

Any of you felt inspired recently? Any of you feel like getting creative?

Happy (& creative) thoughts.


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  1. Oh I loooove the bats. And the guitar. What a talented guy. Can't wait to see what you do....... :-D Jude.x