13 Jul 2012

{The day you were born}

Today's party guest is Steph aka skalovingeek - we have bonded over twitter talking mainly babies. I love her take on birthday blogging - thanks steph!

First of all, HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!!!
Now onto business....
When I sat down to think what i could do for this post, the thing that sprung to mind first was to make it to do with my daughter (isn't that what all mums do?). Instead of making it about her specifically, i decided to look at 'on the day you were born'.

Now, I thought that with the wonder that is the Internet, this would be a piece of cake. How wrong I was. The sheer volume of useless rubbish out there outweighs the real fact significantly. I also decided i didn't want to fill this LO with depressing facts, so no bombs, deaths or other equally awful things. Which doesn't leave much. I did leave in a small note about an earthquake, and one about the footballer Fabrice Muamba as his recovery was amazing. I also trawled the Internet for the temperature that day and the number one single, as well as famous people my daughter shares a birthday with (i was pretty excited about Harry Houdini and Jim Parsons!)

My intention was to add a couple of pictures of Ella on the day she was born, but the photo machine in Boots let me down! So instead i added 'became a family' and made a cluster centre left. I added some stitching and i was done.

thanks for looking,


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