31 Jul 2012

{Colour Me In}

As a mum I know we all like activities which keep the small ones entertained for a bit. It is also nice to be able to give him something to do which does not involve running outside in the rain!! And it is nice to be able sit and be creative with him. Lucky us received a MASSIVE package of Kelloggs Rice Krispies and a whole case of pens and pencils - all courtesy of Britmums and Kelloggs. I love that he loves art supplies and crafting and colouring. The is happy with a pen and paper. And here we spent half an hour or so trying out all the pens and the glitter and the pencils. Its the little things that make you feel amazing right?

1 comment:

  1. Aw, what an adorable face...glad you all enjoyed the project! ;)

    Karin @ Cafe Bebe