4 Jul 2012

{Coffee & Walnut Splodge Biscuits}

With a name like that how can you help but not smile??

This bake is inspired by the rather lovely AlphaBakes challenge, which this month is the letter W.

When I first saw the letter W I started making a list in my head of possible W related food stuff - white chocolate, whisky (I may still have a plan for this one!), walnuts.. (then I got stuck!)

I then headed to one of my many cookbooks. My first stop was the Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson. This was still out in the kitchen from my successful scone baking morning. In the index I saw these cookies and I had to try them. I have never made a coffee and walnut cake. I know its a classic - but its only in recent years that I have started drinking coffee (tea junkie through and through). However I thought these sounded rather yummy.
The recipe was quick to come together (I didn;t even use a mixer, all by hand!) and I used a ice cream scoop to portion out the cookies. Now mine came out rather like a little cake drops on the baking tray which I think is right as they were stuffed full of walnuts. They were not too sweet, with enough coffee bitterness that I think they would make a lovely dessert (or with a cuppa!) - sandwiched together with some butter cream. The sweetness of the vanilla buttercream really made these rather scrummy.

If you can think of any other W bakes, let me know. Also if you play along with #alphabakes challenge - id love to see what you bake.

Enjoy your evening.



  1. I think the name is brilliant! Your cookies look delicious especially the last one sandwiched with buttercream. I've just posted some whoopie pies as my entry but will have another one later. Thanks for joining in AlphaBakes! :)

  2. These look great - thanks for entering them into alphabakes!

  3. Hi I'm dropping by via AlphaBakes. Coffee and Walnuts are a perfect combination in cookies and cakes as well... love the aroma... Mich@pieceofcake.sg