12 Jul 2012

{Birthday in December}

Please welcome one of my lovely girlies : Rachel.

I'm Rachel I'm doing a little guest spot for the lovely Leanne to celebrate her 4th blog birthday, When she asked me to write anything about birthdays I knew what I had to write about.

Now I have a bit of a thing about birthdays, well my birthday to be exact, given the chance I would swap my birthday - date in a heartbeat. My birthday is December 30th!
Now I know I know, it could be worse, it could be Christmas day but as much as I LOVE Christmas having a birthday at that time isn’t much fun.
If my birthday had ultimately fallen on Christmas Day I would have definitely just celebrated in the summer. Preferably 25th June for example.

However December 30th it is! So what kind of problems does this cause? My biggest bug bear (ok I have several) is getting a Christmas card and it saying ‘Have a great birthday too’, getting birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper! This is just lazy people! Or people just forget coz they are so wrapped up in Christmas festivities!
Joint presents, as in Christmas and birthday rolled into one, not a fan! And often when I was younger if I had made a Christmas list and didn’t get it for Christmas then I pretty much knew it would be coming 5 days later, (in a none spoilt way)

Now I’m sorry if I sound bitter (I am), being so close to Christmas, the Christmas tree is in 90% of my birthday photos. Speaking of percentages, whenever I arrange some plans for my birthday 90% of the time, people will either cancel because they are sick, too broke, away with family, getting ready for New Year’s etc People just don’t want to go out in the winter when it is dark and cold and you have no money.
Oh yes another thing is, that shops rarely have birthday cards in stock during December, strangely I have a few family/friends with December birthdays and this proves a problem each year. I even went to the extent of writing to a shop one year because it was December and they stopped selling birthday cards and only stocked Christmas cards. Dramatic I know but I was mad, safe to say I never got a reply.

What I wouldn’t give to have a summer birthday, to have a BBQ with friends in the garden and it not be dark by 4pm it would be bliss. Now I know it’s not guaranteed to be sunny in the summer (this year for example) but it’s never dark! I can’t say I mind the cold too much on my birthday, I don’t even mind the snow (apart from the whole people cancelling thing) but I like the light!
So there you have it people, I am a fan of Christmas but not so much of Christmas birthdays, so if you are planning on having a child maybe just take a break from it around the end of March

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  1. Ha, do you know I actually did take the date into consideration when trying for my babies - my mum was born on Dec 31st and it's always annoyed her too, so I tried not to have a december baby. Luckily, mine were born in march and july so it worked out ok!
    Great photos! x

  2. I completely agree with you. My birthday's 14th Jan and that's horrible so yours must be even worse. Being such a good planner I managed to give birth to my daughter on 30th June so she'll never have this problem :)