10 Jul 2012

{Birthday Cupcakes}

Whenever it is someones birthday or I get asked to bake cupcakes for a birthday my go-to recipe is the Hummingbird Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcakes. It took me a few goes to crack this, but now it is fail safe, creates a lovely rise and has a good texture (one time I baked these, late at night, not reading the recipe properly and but the wrong amount of cocoa - not so good! but in general I always get a good bake on these). For making BIG batches I find it easier to just do a basic sponge recipe.

They smell amazing as they bake. I have a fan oven so usually bake mine on about 170 ish, and keep eye on them. I use an ice cream scoop to measure out the amount in the cases (the batter is a fairly liquid one)
I must say the butter cream recipe makes A LOT and I can usually ice about 1 and half batches with one batch of butter cream. Otherwise I find it a bit heavy on the frosting.
Even doing the fancy rose icing on them the butter cream goes quite far. Their butter cream recipe is great too, make a really creamy and soft icing. Which feeds through a piping bag with ease - tip if it a little stiff add a little more milk and give a good whisk.
In times of real speed (and less washing up) I take a palette knife and splodge the icing on. Still look effective and make a great base of adding these kind of decorations.

There you have it, my fave birthday cupcake recipe.

Happy baking


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  1. They all look lovely and I could certainly polish a few off with my coffee this morning!