7 Jul 2012

{Being his wife}

I wear not much jewellery any more.

Mainly as I got fed up with it getting pulled and tugged by the small one.

But what I do wear, makes me smile immensely.

My engagement ring and wedding ring. I love them both.

I love the fact that my ring sparkles away. That K picked it all on his own. A big secret that no one else knew. I love telling people about how we got engaged. and seeing people go 'ahhh'. I love how proud K was that he surprised me like that. How I was shaking when he got down on one knee. How I thought this day would never happen. That we would stay boyfriend and girlfriend forever.

I love my wedding ring. Its simple and small. It sits nicely with my engagement ring. I love remembering going with K to Kingston for the day (just me and him!) and we picked out our rings. How happy we both were. I love remembering standing in the registry office, in front of friends and family. How much I was shaking (again) as I stood in front of him and said 'I do'. Holding his hand in mine. Knowing this, right now, made me the happiest lady in the room.

I love looking down at my hand, and seeing those rings together. I constant reminder of happy memories. Of my husband. (I love saying that....) I love being called Mrs Edwards. I love being his wife. (Granted times are not always happy or easy - but we love each other, that's what matters)

I love that he came into my life almost 11 years ago now. That together we have grown up, moved out, had a child, got married. I love what married life is for us. That we encourage each other. We understand each other. We both want to look after each other.

I love that these rings represent that. Represent all these happy memories. Of all the choices we have made together, all the things we have done and all the things that we will do together. The never ending circle.

I love being his wife.

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  1. I'm assuming it's your anniversary? Lovely post, it's wonderful how much those rings represent. And Happy Anniversary if I'm right! x