1 Jun 2012

{This World}

Raising a child in this world, right now scares me. There is so much that happens on a daily basis, that we are blessed not to feel the affects of in our house. However this does not stop me feeling the affects in my heart.

Last Friday in #Syria a massacre took place. 108 men, women and children (babies, toddlers and older!) were murdered. Just like that.

I must admit, I am not a big news reader, I do keep up to date with politics or foreign policies. But I do use social media. Today across the world bloggers, tweeters and general users of the social media world are taking to this platform to speak out about what happened a week ago in #Syria.

I do not know all the details, and part of me does not want to read about people being murdered in their homes. What I do know is that I am lucky to not be in that situation. I cannot for one minute put myself in that position, to feel that pain, to watch these events unfold in front of me. I cannot understand why things like this happen, why people turn on people, how they can make the decision to end another persons life - especially that of a innocent child. These children, how could they have done something to cause their lives to end so suddenly.

I have taken a few minutes to sign a petition to help protect those children who need our help out there. These children did not choose to be in this situation, but we can choose to try help save them.

Today I will feel blessed, I will love being with my boy (even at those times when it is hard) and I will try and remember that even though there are some things in our life I am worried about, concerned about, in fact were not doing so bad.

#stopthekilling #tippingpoint

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  1. Leanne - well written I totally understand what you are saying x