25 Jun 2012

{Monday Baking}

As Sunday night drew to a close, while finishing off a scrapbook layout (to come soon!) and watching the Hackney Weekend (Rihanna rocked it!!) I got to thinking that I really wanted to bake something on Monday. (do you ever get that kind of urge!) I decided on making scones, the hubby adores cheese ones and scones are one of the few things (along with flapjacks and shortbread!) that I hadn't had success with in the kitchen.

While having this thought aloud on Twitter I stumbled across this lovely ladies blog with some seriously divine looking cakes....and it was here I read about a little blogworld monthly challenge in the form of #ForeverNigella. Now I adore cook books - and I have a few Nigella ones two. Where better to find inspiration for a spot of baking than with Ms Lawson herself! This months challenge is being hosted by the very lovely homemade by Fleur.

I then grabbed my Domestic Goddess off the bookcase and scanned for a scone recipe. The recipe in the book is for plain scones but makes suggestions on how to 'perk' them up. For my afternoon tea its cheese scones. All other times I have failed at making scones, but these came out amazing (and I sent the hubby a picture at work - he is even more excited to come home now!)

I was surprised how quickly the whole thing came together. (I made them this morning, while in my Pjs while M ate his breakfast!). He was rather amazed at how sticky my hands were!

The recipe said to place them close together on the tray. Before putting in the oven I egg washed and sprinkled with cheese on top.
 and under 10 minutes later out they came all golden and smelling lovely.

They were very nice warm for breakfast!

I will defiantly be baking these again...maybe just some fruit ones next. As I do like a scone with clotted cream and jam - with a cuppa.

Enjoy the rest of your day, I might have another watching the tennis start this afternoon.



  1. They look amazing - I love cheese scones and they are on my to do list as well. My flapjacks are good - but my cupcakes are rubbish. Where did you find the recipe? What a fab way to start the day and a great treat for breakfast - lucky K.

  2. So impressed that you said you were going to enter and 12 hours later the baking and the blog post were done! I must say these scones do look lovely. I like them fresh out of the oven so they are still warm when I eat them. Thank you so much for entering Forever Nigella.

  3. I love that recipe! They always come out so light and fluffy. Must try cheese next time, mine are always plain with jam & cream :) yum!

  4. Wow, they look beautiful! Very gorgeous and Nigella-like - well done! x

  5. They look delicious! I love scones, and it's definitely fruit ones with jam and clotted cream for me! Mmmm, might have to bake some tomorrow! x

  6. Thanks for taking part in Forever Nigella, I'm glad to have inspired you to get in the kitchen. I don't live far from Hackney and I could here the music thumping all evening, my husband kept complaining about it but I thought it was quite cool and hope they repeat it next year!

  7. Cheese scones are my favourite and these look amazing!! Thanks for the mention :) I'm so pleased you decided to join in #forevernigella - it's really good fun! ps I am a bit of a challenge addict (and bakingaddict) so if you want to join in more just have a look on my blog. Would love it if you could join my own challenge - AlphaBakes. x