27 May 2012

{Right Now}

I am a mum to a full of energy two year old. I have been a wife to Kevin for 9 months. We have had some changes resulting in having to assess whats important to us. We have been trying to eat better and cook more family meals ( rather different meals for Maxwell and us). We have gotten into a better sleep routine with M, but have just bought a bed guard to make his waking up in the night less. I have been quiet at work, but there are BIG projects on the way - I know the quiet spell will not last long. I am happy that M is now talking more and picking up new words weekly. I have been loving drinking coffee rather than tea. I am worried about gaining the weight I lost back (but trying really hard to get my diet back on track) I am coping at the moment with no kettle and a washing machine that is playing silly games. I am trying to focus on more important things. I am trying to stay positive more and keep happy about things that matter. I am trying to remember the important things. My health has been up and down. My headaches have returned, though thankfully not the pressure. I take each day as it comes. I am loving being a mum and wife. I am enjoying my job. I enjoy working part time (yes it is tiring) and I enjoy the days I am in mummy mode. I am proud of my boy who is independent, loving, clever, funny and enjoys being outside, watching films and watching 'tunes'. I am finding the balance between being a mum and being me better to handle. I am trying to appreciate things and not allow the big issues to cloud our days. Everything will work out. I am loving the sunshine right now, loving drinking coffee on the balcony, loving reading my book, loving taking photos, loving the fact next weekend is a long one with my boys and my friends and family. I am happy with my new found approach to scrapbooking,and recording my families memories.

written 27/05/2012.

(apologies for lack of posting on weekly photos and projectlife etc....)

blogpost inspired by britmums and shimelle. (coming to scrapbook page soon!)


  1. What a lovely post! And a beautiful picture! Well done you and good luck on your path! ;)

    Karin @ Cafe Bebe & BritMums

  2. Sounds to me like you're on the same path... making readjustments in life, working with the change that has been brought to us, taking time to be thankful and achieving balance. Good luck :)

  3. Great post, I love your list of things you're loving right now. You sound like you have your priorities right! x

  4. You sound in control and happy - every mum should be like that!

  5. Good for you. Hope you get your headaches sorted though - maybe it's the current heatwave? I know I always get headaches when it's hot (saves fortune on foreign holidays though! lol) :-D Jude.x