16 Apr 2012

{Week 15 : 2012}

Sunday: was Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny dropped off some goodies for the boy. I cooked lamb and roast veg! And in the evening went to the inlaws. One of K cousins from America was over for a visit. It was a late night, we usally try and get home for M to sleep but this was the first night where he fell asleep in my arms and we just carried on chatting. And he slept round to 8.30! FTW.
Monday: was a bank holiday which is always nice having K at home! We cashed in some Nectar points we had saved in Argos and treated little man to a couple of new friends. We visited my parents before having some friends round in the evening.
Tuesday: Work, follwed by a very diffcult bedtime with M. Not much to be said than that.
Wednesday : A new knitting mag, always nice. I was feeling really rough (due to the previous hard night with M - when I get tired my headaches always flare up) So I curled on the sofa with the husband.
Thursday: was the 12/04/2012 - which means there will be a 12th on the 12th post to follow!
Friday: A few errands run in the morning in town. Followed by lots of mummy and Maxwell fun. Later that day I cast on a new project with my new knit pro needles! EEK.
Saturday : K had a day with the boy while I went off to spend the day with some of scrappy girls. I made 5 layouts, had some yummy lunch and snacks. Before heading home to enjoy an evening with some good friends. Which included wine, indian food, The voice and Britians got Talent.

Word of the Week : Blessed. I am feeling overwhelming lucky to have such lovely friends and family in my life

Reading : Harry Potter and the philosophers stone (yes still!)
Watching: Loving Castle at the mo
Listening : Not much at the mo.
Buying : knitNoow magazine
Creating: Sock knitting, my first shawl, projectlife and 5 other layouts

Enjoy your week


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