1 Apr 2012

{Week 13 : 2012}

Can you believe we are now into April? Where does the time go?

Sunday: I left Nottingham in the morning and made it back to London, in time to get changed and head on out to a Christening! M was exhausted - as nap time went out the window with daddy on duty. He slept most of the christening. We left early to visit K's parents, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary. As the weather was fairly nice this involved a little bit of BBQ food plus also the obligatory few glasses of champagne.
Monday: Me and the boy headed off to the children's centre. He really does love it here. His fave area is the home corner, and today he spent the time unloading the toy washing machine and ironing the clothes. Plus I also planned out my projectlife layouts today, and cast on a pair of socks.
Tuesday: off to work, and it was very sunny!! Managed to leave work on time, and once I got in from work spent over an hour running about (as both boys not home yet) putting on washing, preparing dinner for tonight and tomorrow, having a shower, tidying up, nursery bag packed etc. That night I curled up in bed with Harry (Potter that is)
Wednesday :  M was a little tearful this morning at nursery drop off, think this was mainly due to him being very tired (early morning!!) Another glorious sunny day, so lunch on the balcony at work with girls.
Thursday: Beautiful day, nice and sunny, good day at work, completed deadlines, collected the boy. Quick dinner of pork mince pasta, good bedtime. Lovely day.
Friday: Busy morning of library, boots, Sainsburys, John Lewis, Ikea. Then cooked one of my fave dinners pork curry, rice and even whipped up some roti. Got myself a Cannon Selphy printer today too!! Happy times. I also did a little scrapbooking this evening! Impressive!
Saturday: Family time in the morning (plus a little scrapbooking!), I love listening the K & M play. They laugh so much. I went to my parents while K went and got some work done to his tattoo. He was going a boys night out. Once M was in bed, I had a glass of wine, chilled on the sofa and took control of the TV Remote.

Word of the week : Sunshine. The weather here has been lovely here. Resulting in spending some of the time outside enjoying it.

This week:-

Reading : Harry Potter and the philosophers stone
Watching: The Apprentice (loves it)
Listening : Loved the latest Paperclipping Roundtable, all about procrastination
Buying : includes my Selphy, Easter goodies for a basket for M, Ice Cream Bowls, some new stash from Gotta Craft and a new Frame in Ikea.
Creating: Not only did I complete my projectlife this week (except 2 photos!) but I also did 4 other layouts and casted on a sock.

Have a lovely week.

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