4 Mar 2012


Sunday: Chilling out with the boy. Then the afternoon me and K re organised the front room. His brother came round in the evening so they could watch the NBA all stars game on the TV.
Monday: After reorganised the front room we thoughts we needs a few things. So off to Ikea we went. The boy had lunch. Before heading home and doing some playing and dancing.
Tuesday: K was in charge at home with little man due to lack of childcare, off I headed to work!! Good day as the book people were in. I love the book people.
Wednesday: The only thing to report from today is I was busy at work and the traffic was awful! This pretty much sums up my day!

Thursday :  My parents had to have their dog put to sleep today. He had cancer and we have known for a long time he would be passing soon. It was sad saying goodbye to him.
Friday: An busy morning for me and the boy. Doctors, sorting office, post office, wh smiths, bank and asda! Then the afternoon we did a little artwork. This boy loves to get creative.

Saturday: A busy family day including seeing my parents new puppy 'buddy', a 2 year old birthday party, seeing the inlaws, visiting K grandparents and giving them their birthday presents followed by our close friends popping round as they had just returned from a trip to Japan and Thailand.

ps I have finished my projectlife week 8 (and another layout this week) just need photograph it!!


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