11 Mar 2012


Sunday: I was feeling under the weather with earache, plus K was not too well either. But we did what good daughters and son in laws do and packed up M and went for Sunday Lunch at my parents. Even tho both of us could of quite happily sat on our sofa all day!
Monday: Me and the boy headed off to the children's centre (he loves it here) and on Mondays it's messy play. Today they were celebrating Holy Week  - so there was lots of colours, paints, glitter. M enjoyed it. After my earache on Sunday I had been suffering with a headache, which was not so nice

Tuesday: I usually work on Tuesday but as my MIL has had an op we are doing a bit of mixing it up with days and childcare. Therefore today I was at home with the boy. Now M is usually an early riser, like his mum. And this works for us as during the week getting to nursery etc we need him to be able to be up for this. However today was exceptionally early and he was awake from 4.45! Not impressed. So after a trip to Asda, I baked my mum a birthday cake and then both of us took a nap. My headache did not improve all day and I was in bad by 9!
Wednesday: Work day - which included me taking a browse in New Look on my lunch break - and the hubby buying me this new dress. I love it! Me and M also headed out for dinner today to celebrate my mums birthday. This was a tiring time as it was about 6.00 with a cranky 2 year old!
Thursday: Work again, but I am happy this book arrived. M has been picking up signing really quickly so I bought a couple of book on the subject. He says the odd word but we are boosting his communication skills with signing.
Friday: I don't usually work on Friday so firstly this threw me - and I found it tiring. Apart from that today also included collecting my Studio Calico Kit, some blogging, a sausage and potato tray bake for dinner and watching youtube music videos with the hubby
Saturday :  I spent the whole day indoors.blissful. I scrapped a little, watched movies with my boys, watched a little TV, had a visit from the mother in law and brother in law (she bought me flowers) and a relaxing evening as K went out to see a friend.

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  1. Its fun seeing your life like this :) hope you're feeling better xx