26 Mar 2012

{Week 12 : 2012}

A day late than usual as my weekend has been on the busy side!!

Sunday: Mothers day included a breakfast of pancakes, some new pjs and a set of bath stuff, relaxing with the boys and dinner of lamb shanks, veg and rice. all in all a lovely lovely day. Monday : M was still recovering from chicken pox so another day in doors but he definitely had more energy and was running around a lot. We also visited my mums for dinner which was nice for M to get out the house. All his spots were now scabbed over so it was safe to venture out and about. Tuesday : marked us returning to normality. Back to work for me, M at my in laws and a little bit of evening scrapbooking.Wednesday: saw M being awake early, his first morning back at nursery, only a 20 minute nap ALL DAY - hence when I collected him from my mums I had one grumpy little boy!! Thursday : trip to wilkos on my lunch break (I love wilkos!) and then asda after work with my sister. Another very tried boy as it was his first full day back at nursery - he was exhausted!!. Friday : included buying new clothes, free coffee, stocking up on toiletries, trip to the library, first pair of shorts of the year for M, another visit to my mums and then driving for 2 hours and 45 minutes to visit the rather lovely Sally!!! The evening then included drinking a bottle of wine and eating chocolate with my girlie!! Saturday: Spending the day with rather lovely crafties Sally, Jenny, Emma & Natalie as my fabby friend Rachel hosted a little get together - I made 4 layouts! And ate copious amounts of sugar related goodies! Then dinner in the evening with Sally and Jack. Good times.

Originally I thought the word to sum up my week would be 'normality' as we were returning to our normal routine - but actually I did plenty of things out of the normal this week (like driving up North, having pancakes and having 2 very good bedtimes with M due to him being exhausted. So I think my word for this week will be 'unexpected'.

My projectlife week 11 will be uploaded soon too!! Photographs were taken last week.

Happy Thoughts!


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