18 Mar 2012

{Week 11: 2012}

Welcome to Week 11 in instagram photos.

Sunday, family time spent including a walk in the park taking in the rather lovely sunshine (and stir fry for dinner!!). Monday has been recorded here (as it was the 12th of the month!). Tuesday, I had the day off instead of not working Friday, and the weather was glorious. Me and little man headed to the play park, and a spot of football. He has no fear!! We played with the duplo and in the evening I completed my week 10 projectlife pages. Wednesday, up early ready for a day at work - about to get the little one ready, and I find out he has chicken pox. K stayed at home and I headed off to work (guiltily! leaving my sick boy at home!) and I gave into chocolate cravings and had malteasers!! Thursday, I was in full on mummy mode at home looking after the boy - we watched a lot of DVDs!!. Friday, was a repeat of Thursday mainly. However he was even more grumpy and made the day last even longer. My mum popped round for a bit to help out as K was working late. I am grateful that she did this and bought us chocolate brownies!!. Saturday, daddy at home today thankfully. I ran some errands in the morning (escaping the house!!) and picked up some more cream for M. We were visited in the afternoon by the in laws and M fell asleep on the sofa with his daddy. K headed out for a friends birthday and I chilled out. Another week over.

One word to sum up last week  : Rollercoaster (It was full of making plans, making changes to plans, dealing with a grumpy 2 year old with mood swings and hard nights sleep all round!)

Question, I have tried out a new format for my weekly photos.- thoughts?

And another, I have been giving my blog a little bit of a rejig - again thoughts?

Happy Crafting


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  1. Really like the new weekly photo format. Hope your little one is doing better!