27 Mar 2012

{ProjectLife : Week 11}

Yay! I am up to date! And still loving it!

One insert this week - I cut down a WRMK page protector for this one. The front of the insert all about chicken pox, a play by play of what happened, some instagrams of the poorly boy and recording the remedies we used. We started off using calamine but after speaking to some other mums we tried Vira Sooth! Loved it!! The paper for the backing of the title is a painting M did while at home sick. The back is all about M new found love of Toy Story.

Main page - including lots of photos this week!! And some cute post!. I made lots of collages in instagram and printed them out.
My fave this week is the collage of all the pictures from the 12/03/3012. I love this and may try and do more collages like this (i'm thinking one for week 12 actually and my trip up north!)  I love that it doesn't require tons of journalling and it really captures just a regular day in our life.
I also like the Dad section this week. The photos were taken on different days but I did one title for the two. And made the difference in the days by using 2 bits of patterned paper.

Also check out SJ set of Projectlife cards : On the Grid! They shall be featuring in my album Very soon!!
 Happy projectlifeing to you!



  1. I have scrapbooks that I have made but over time I've kind of neglected doing it. I really love the way you have done yours, you got any tips on how to make it like that ??
    I love photo's as you can probaly tell by my blog lol but I really do need to get them all printed and into nice albums or scrap books.

    Lovely blog sweetie, be sure to stop by my Easter Party Link up x x

  2. Aw thank you Kelly-Marie. It really is my passion!! I love this bobby and love that I am recording my families life, the everyday stuff as well as the big things. I print most of my photos through photobox - plus the more you order the cheaper they get, and a first order you get 50 free prints. Plus they do some great canvas - we got a couple from out wedding pictures. I have plans for an Easter basket for my little man, so will link up xx