28 Mar 2012

{Layla turns 1}

My approach to my albums (thanks to some positive thought training from Shimelle) is that they are all in WIP. Hence why on my little trip oop'north this past weekend I went through my stacks of photos and picked a few to fill in some missing gaps from last year.

Though me and Kevin did not *meet* at university, we did both end up doing the same degree and graduating together. We are not in contact with many of our friends from Uni anymore (all went different way) except for a few. Nathan and Nadine are that few. While we were in Uni, they had a baby boy called Alexis - (he is the spitting image of his daddy!) since then he has grown up and they were blessed with another baby in the same year I had Maxwell. Layla was born in the October. For Layla's birthday last year I was asked to bake 4 dozen cupcakes for the cause! And they went down well I'm pleased to say.

Layla party was at a children's cafe in Croydon called Beanies (it used be the old record store beanos, and still has some of the original fitting and fixtures!) It is a 3 storey building and they have the middle floor as a play area - which is basically like a nursery. Lots of toys, craft stuff, dressing up clothes and a home corner. Maxwell had a blast running around.

Layla looked so pretty, and was a very good girl and sat an ate all her lunch (unlike my boy who was more interested in zooming round the room and playing with balloons)

Part of me think that I haven't scrapped this event yet as most of the photos of the kids are blurry. But what does that matter really in the grand scheme of things? Shouldn't it be more important to record the memory and rather than the fact the photos were a little blurry.

I used Shimelle Sketch of the Week to create this layout (twisted it a little as my pics were portrait rather than landscape!) and I'm pleased with how it turned out. Thanks Rachel for lending me your punch!! I now need it!!

Plus using up scraps of stash - #FTW

Happy Crafting


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