22 Mar 2012

{gratitude circle}

Firstly. I have been lucky enough to be chosen to join the creative team over at one story down. It's an awesome blog,shop and forum. It's mainly Digi focused but I will still be traditional scrapbooking (I love paper too much!!) but with a touch more hybrid. Check out the blog. It's full of such inspiration.

Which leads me onto today's blogpost : gratitude circle.

In the spirit of this post. Here is what I am thankful for. Right now.

• I am so thankful that we are at the end of chicken pox. That M was not too badly affected. That he has not itched too much. And that he has in fact had chicken pox at the young age.
• I am thankful that this weekend I will visiting some rather lovely ladies. And that this hobby has lead me to have these girls in my life.
• I am thankful my oldest friends. And still years have gone past we are still there for each other.
• I am thankful that we have had some early nights with the boy which has meant me and the hubby were able to eat together, spend time together and watch tv together.
• I am thankful that in my job I am surrounded by understanding and supportive people.
• I am thankful for being a mum to such a loving caring happy beautiful little man.

Happy thoughts your way.


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  1. Awww... what a great list! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    I'm so excited that you are part of the CT and will be able to bring a paper touch to the table.