5 Mar 2012

{Febuary2012/in numbers}

11 rows on my ripple
3 vouchers used in a bargain lunch with the Harrison girls.

5 birthday celebrations

2.99 for a plastic samurai sword for a fancy dress party

2 days of snow.

5 baked goods (including an impressive cake fail)
A 30th fancy dress party
3 days off work
22 help Harry help others bracelets made
3 dozen cupcakes iced for Maxwell's birthday
Maxwell turned 2 on 18/02/2012

20 party bags for his guest
11.50 for crab pasta dish when out for dinner with girls on payday dinner
3.25 for lunch in ikea with M
10 layouts
17 films watched (including Hairspray about 10 times!)
90 minutes for K to get his tattoo

3 Books finished
15.99 for a rather lovely new pair of shoes.


  1. what a lovely way to see your month in numbers :)

  2. 10 LOs in a 29 day month is pretty good going! There must be something in the air as quite a few people [me included] seem to be getting lots of scrapbooking done at the moment.Which is no bad thing!

    That photo of littl M is just adorable - and the snow seems so so long ago now. [Thank goodness!]

    I've pinned your post on the board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

    Thanks for joining in.

    Julie :-)

  3. Some great numbers there - 3 books and 10 pages and all those cakes - I'm jealous!

  4. That's a great set of numbers you have there! Ouch on the tattoo front, not for me at all!