15 Mar 2012

{Calamine & the Boy}

Yesterday morning, while in the quickletsgetreadyanddashoutthedoor routine, I went to get M undressed and ready for nursery. Lifting his t-shirt off, the first thing I saw was spots. Chicken pox to be exact.

I had to go into work yesterday (deadlines, meetings etc) which meant K stayed at home with the little one. As much as I am very lucky to have a husband who is hands one, able to take time off and stay at home with our sick son. This does fill me with guilt. I should be the one to take him to the doctors, to sit with him and cuddle, to play with his toys and look after him. I know this is firstly normal to feel and secondly silly to feel. The boys were fine together.

However, I got through the day and rushed home to my boys. And I have the rest of the week off to be fulltimemummy.

M seems to be coping fine at the moment with his spots and the only downside is that he really really really really wants to go outside and play. He is currently napping at the moment - and today has been eating non stop! (good sign!) Lets hope the next few days are not too bad on him.


  1. I remember it well! At least he has caught it while he's young. Hope his spots dry up real quick.

  2. Sounds like he is handling it really well. Hope he feels better soon.

  3. Oh no, sorry he has the pox but sounds like he is not suffering too badly with it, thankfully!! Enjoy your Mummy time with lots of cuddles and play! x

  4. Hope he gets better soon! I know it's tough. Take care!