10 Mar 2012


Our household is very 'movie' orientated, and it is not uncommon on a weekend for us to watch about 4 in a day! That being said we do have some 'faves' which we return to time and time again. (obviously me and K have a few difference on these!!) It also seem that our love of a good film has been passed down to our son - who now when you say 'do you want to watch a film' he heads straight over to the DVD rack browsing for a film to watch!!

Below is MY top 10 of movies. (I do love a good film!!)  but these are ones when asked what is your fave film, it would be one of these. I would also like to point out that these are in no particular order!!

I adore this film. Know it word for word. Have memories of watching it again and again as a kid. I have seen the stage show 3 times, and remember dancing round my front room to summer loving and your the one that i want. I even went to a school disco (i.e when i was in uni on a night out) dressed in Rydell High P.E kit. I love John Travolta in this, and the whole Danny/Sandy love!! (Even tho all of them were actually in reality too old to be in high school!) And it is only now watching it as an adult you are aware of all the 'adult' humour and conversations in the dialogue.

Another film I remember from my childhood. I used to always watch the final dance scene first, then rewind the video (yes video!!) and watch the whole film. My video tape of this was so badly over watched, that my copy started the film about 15 minutes into the movie. And it was only in later years of watching the film on TV or DVD I realised that I had no idea how the film began. This film also reminds me of my BFF Helen - and days of our teenager self watching this film again and again and again. This film is usually top of our list on one of girls nights in. (and we watched on her hen do, and danced to the medley at her wedding!)

Oh how I love the music, the dancing, the colours, the humour, the story and Zac Efron. Maxwell has also recently taken a shine to this movie (and I have watched about 10 times this past week) He also seems to love the dancing and the music. I love the whole story behind this  - that black, white, big, small - it dosen;'t matter - you can do what you love.

This in our house is a compromise movie. One both me and the hubby will watch. And is actually a standing joke with our friends - who ever time they come round we just happen to be watching this film. I love the first movie, but I think my fave is the 2nd. There are parts of the film both me and K can quote to each other, we both laugh at the film, love parts of the film....plus it has will smith in it. #happylady

As soon as I watched this film I fell in love with it. I love Sandra Bullock character, I love the relationship she has with her kids. I love it is based on a true story. And this film makes me happy.

Love musicals - as you may of guessed. And this one is a classic. The music is great. The story is humorous but what I love the most is the dance routines. Each of them leave me in amazement. I actually made K sit down and watch this film so he could see the dancing, he loved them so much - he made his brother watch the film. A really feel good movie.

Another musical! I know. This is one of the earliest musicals I remember watching again and again. When I was 3 months old my grandad passed away suddenly of a heart attack. It turns out this was his fave film, I think my nan may have watched a few times after he passed - hence where I came to watch it. I do like the story, about finding your love, and that sometimes you have to work at a relationship - it isn't always easy.

Disney films are awesome right ( and I love many of them!!) but this one makes me laugh out loud A LOT!!! I love the scene where Dory speaks whale - my sister use to always re in act this scene to make me laugh. Some good lines in this, and the artwork in it is AMAZING!!

These are other films in our house which are a good halfway for me and the hubby. We have lots of them and I do enjoy the old ones (especially Octopussy and Live and Let Die) however the rebirth of Bond in the form of Daniel Craig has defo got me interested. He (in my opinion) is a rather good Bond! I really enjoyed Casino Royale, kept me interested and have watched a few times since then (and not just for the swimming trunks scene!)

Oh how this film makes me feel all kinds of amazing when I watch it. How we are defined as people influences how people see us. So true. Yet people cross these definitions daily. I adore most about this film is the dialogue - I love John Hughes movies (Sixteen candles another fave!)

And that's my 10 on the 10th

See you next month!



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  1. I've really enjoyed watching the trailers of these films...the 3 I've already seen are, singin in the rain, 7 brides for 7 brothers and casino royale...all on TV! I think I should get out more often :)

  2. I love your 10 movies. I too fell in love with blindside! and have watched all of the above ... I definitely need to get out more....

  3. Great list! Several years ago we went to the movie theatre to see another movie but it was't playing, so we watched The Blind Side instead. It is definitely on our favorites list now, too.

  4. Love your list, four of them are on my list but I have to choose DD2 over the original...sorry and we watched Blind Side (again) earlier this week.

  5. There's a definite dance theme there. I have Grease on my to hire list - it's this years show at DD's drama club. We saw the stage show on New Year's Eve. Absolutely briliant

  6. That's an interesting list you have there ~ some of my favourites.

  7. Love Dirty Dancing too! Good list of ten.

  8. Great top ten list, I might have to steal this idea and do my fave ten films for a 10 things post at some point! I especially like finding nemo, the dory speaking like a whale always makes me laugh out loud too! x