26 Feb 2012


 Sunday: Another 2 year old birthday party and M was so not in the mood for it. I guess his party the day before really took it out of him. Followed by a visit from his godparents in the evening.

Monday : Continuing to open up the boys presents. And a day indoors for us: we watched Hairspray, Annie and Bugsy Malone.

Tuesday: Work, and a good nights sleep. We have been struggling with bedtimes around here. But we have been implementing a new routine and it seems to be working.
Wednesday: The boy was really not well, though I think it was mainly teeth related but it was a restless nights sleep for all of us.
Thursday : He was feeling better, so off to nursery he went. Though I collected him early from nursery. Home and he wants a bottle of tea and some grapes. Easily pleased. Today I was also mega organised and put an oriental beef stew in the slow cooker before I went to work. Yummy!
Friday: A trip to the city farm, lunch at M&S, then dropped the boy off to my sister as they were having him overnight. I had payday dinner with the girls in Strada.

Saturday: I wrote thank you letters for all the presents M got. Then we visited K grandmother and then his mum. She had an op her back this week but she was discharged today.

Overall very quiet.

Happy Sunday


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