19 Feb 2012


Sunday : We collected the boy, he requested to watch Hairspray. AGAIN! I cooked a massive Sunday lunch for some friends who popped round. They are off on holiday for 3 weeks to Japan and Thailand. They dropped round M's birthday present which was an Easel. He loved it.

Monday: Awesome post. A day in doors for me and the boy. Good fun.

Tuesday: Valentines lunch with my little fella. plus a little shopping trip in Croydon. Before coming home and cooking dinner for the hubby. We had a tough night with m. We are struggling with bedtimes at the moment.
Wednesday. M was at nursery in the morning and the afternoon we had lunch, went to do some birthday party shopping with my mum. Followed by relaxing at Nanny's house. I made this sugar rose and some charity bracelets with my mum. In the evening The big fella got his first tattoo done.

Thursday  :A whole day at home while little man was at nursery. And I scrapbooked.

Friday :  More birthday party prep, a trip to get the car washed, followed by baking 3 dozen cupcakes. Then wrapping the boys presents and making his card.

Saturday. The day of the boys birthday. Was busy, I iced 3 dozen cupcakes. We hosted a birthday party for him at the village hall and lots of kids, friends and family turned up. Then we went out for dinner, And we were all in bed by 9.30!!

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  1. were did you get your PL from? I have been wanting to get it but can't from anywere.