25 Feb 2012


This weeks pages took a bit longer to pull together! Very busy (in contrast I'm sure week 8 pages will not be as busy, it's been quiet around here!)

 My opening page looks like this. The 6x12 righting is a play by play of what the 18/02/2012 was around here:- listing icing cupcakes, party set up, party guests and dinner after. On the right the top is a shot of the boys birthday cake, followed by some memorabilia from his party - a balloon, party hat and tag. The bottom photo was from me and K taken at dinner after a long busy day: basically very tried parents.
 For the journalling I wrote it all out in a notebook first, then I added the title section layering stickers. Then the scary part the writing.
 Better look at the memorabilia part.
 The both these sides open up - like a gate fold and the rest of the week is inside. Which includes out valentines cards. I just hole punched and added them straight in.
 I printed this lovely pic that SJ snapped of the boy on his birthday, 12x8 via photo box. Trimmed the edges and just embellished.
 The rest of the inside is here - including K getting a tattoo, Valentines day, book I finished reading (the hunger games! Loved it!) and a little insight into my routine on days that I'm home with M - I took this pic on self time while we had breakfast.
 More journalling this side. A screen shot of a text message K sent me (were not big on valentines day but I asked him if i was his valentines, he texted back for yes but not for just one day - for the whole year)  Also some packaging from the birthday present we got M and the birthday card I made him.
 This week I used a sheet of October Afternoon stickers I've had for ages. Which made things a bit quicker (may need to top up!)

Happy Crafting


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