4 Feb 2012


Yes, it's true. I have been caught up in the hype that is #projectlife. And right now, I am loving it.
I LOVE my document albums, and I love looking back over my year. But one of the things I love about my document albums is the little pictures, the candid snaps and recording what is happening in our life at that time. (Plus seeing all the fab layouts my friends and other bloggers are doing for ProjectLife) Now when I decided to start PL I didn't have any of the 'offical' page protectors - instead I went on the hunt for all the Page Protectors I own - And surprisingly I had ALOT of multi pocket ones. Another album I completed, my JYC2010, I loved having the different sized pages, bits and pieces added in here and there. Based on all the above I have decided on this as my approach :-
  • I will do at least one side per week (this may take any format though!)
  • I will add pages where needed - in different sizes
  • I will try and use up my stash! It cannot be appreciated in my boxes and bags?!
  • I will encourage my family members to also participate
  • I will not worry about all of the above (in theory)
Now I have rambled on here is my week one.

I added the Left hand page after collating all my bits and pieces for Week1, this side is just photos from Kevin's Birthday Celebrations.

 I kept the embellishments on this page really simple - just some punched elements - I have been using my mini woodblock alpha stamps a lot too.
 This picture is actually in a separate 4x6 page protector (which I found in my stash!) which I have stuck down with some decorative tape.
This week I have included a few small shots from phone (using my weekly photo blog posts has really helped), a flyer from our night out, some party popper streamers from NYE,  I cut K's birthday card I got him to fit in a pocket plus the record sheet I get from nursery each day about what M has done.

And that is my Week1.

Happy Crafting.

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  1. I think you have made a great start and I agree with your approach, very sensible. PL is not something I want to get hung up on and then quit!
    It is looking fantastic Leanne, and I cannot wait to see more.