14 Feb 2012


It's true.
I am well and truly suffering from Projectlifefever.
But its not hard to get caught up in the hype - and the fact I am recording my families everyday life. I no longer feel guilty that I didn't scrap the new things M did this week or all the little trips we make as a family.

It leaves the question will I still create the 'normal' 12x12 layouts for my yearly albums. I hope so.

I enjoy 'normal' scrapping just as much as 'projectlife' scrapping.

My plan to ensure that 'normal' scrapping continues is to still order printed from photobox monthly. 1. this ensures I have photos to scrap and 2. I actually like having prints to go through (so does K) and even if they don't get scrapped I can store them for us.

Therefore I put the above into action and ordered a pile of prints (this included some Christmas shots and then the rest from January). And I love getting prints in the post. I love holding the memories there in my hands.

Firstly I have done a little scapping which you may have seen over at the make&create shop. Such a cute kit. I have had fun using.

Then I felt the urge to scrap (I finished off week 6 project life!) so I grabbed these brand new prints and went through. I picked two - and in under an hour last night. I was inspired by this video from Glitter Girl aka Shimelle Laine. I have been watching them weekly! Along with the other videos from Two Peas.

I had bought these 'Autumn' Papers back last year, and had not put them to good use yet. Yes, these photos were not taken in Autumn - but I focused on the 'outdoor' theme and look of them, hence perfect for a walk in the park, at least I think so. Ta-dah!

Hope you are all having a wonderful valentines day.

Love L


  1. Ooooh gorgeous layout, love those papers, such lush colours and perfect for the photo's. I love taking photos on walks too :-)

  2. I'm having a similar problem. If I work on my PL I feel that takes care of my creative urge for the day and I don't really feel to make a larger page. I'm not really a plan ahead scrapper so it's been a challenge to keep my journaling meaningful when I work by the seat of my pants at the end of the week. Yours looks amazing and I really like this page and the photo- the details and colors are great.

  3. I hope you keep up your "normal" scrapping too as I love what you do! This is fab and the colours are so wonderful.