13 Feb 2012


Our 12/02/2012 looked like this....

The early hours of the 12th were spent at a surprise fancy dress birthday party. Me and K left there about 1.30am (M was staying overnight at his grandparents) so we had a lie in and didn't get up til 10.30am! Not often we get one of those. After porridge for breakfast I got on with preparing dinner for us and our friends, while K collected M. I was cooking roast pork, with roast veggies followed by apple crumble (and I also baked a chocolate cake!) While the boys were out I managed a couple of rows on my ripple blanket. Once M got in he requested to watch Hairspray, again. This is his film of choice at the moment!. Dinner was ready and out guests arrived. Dani and Luke are also Max wells godparents, and today they are flying off to Japan and Thailand for 3 weeks. As they won't be here for his birthday they bought round his presents. Lucky boy got an easel and new art supplies. He is loving it. Our guests left which then meant, tidy up, bath time, bedtime and time for me and K to sit on the sofa. Though it was not a late night!

Overall a rather lovely day.


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