29 Jan 2012

{Week 4 : 2012}

Sunday: We took little one swimming which was not a great experience (he screamed the whole time for his dad). We then spent a little time with my parents which was nice. Then at home with my boys. Nice and relaxed.

Monday: We had a dentist trip, then a trip to a soft play centre near us. Before playing at home. Love being a mum.

Tuesday: Work, then once home I started a scrapbook page. (which I am planning on finished today!)

Wednesday: Work (it is crazy busy at the mo!) Then dinner out with the girls from work. YUM.
Thursday: Another crazy busy day (full of client meetings!!!) collected M from nursery. He got a card as he is moving up rooms at nursery. Getting so big!

Friday: Me and the boy hit the local high street, before relaxing at home. His new skill learnt this week is shaking his head to say no or if he doesn't know the answer to something, CUTES.

Saturday : Nursery open morning, saw his new room. Then a drive up to see my sister in law and nephews for her birthday. We went out for lunch to Giraffe and dessert - Shakeaway! TUT TUT

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