19 Jan 2012

{Stories from my Camera} #2

Look at you here.
On your trike, in the park, with your bag of playmobil in the back.
Wearing that tiger hat of yours and a brand new hoodie you got for Christmas.
Taken on December 28th 2011.
While mummy had to go to work, daddy stayed at home with you. You love spending time with your daddy. You have such a lovely relationship.
You look so innocent here. So calm. So quiet.
I wonder what your thinking, I bet your planning your escape or what you can get daddy to let you do - while mummy is away the boys will play.
I'm sorry I had to work. I'm sorry I couldn't play with you two and take a walk in the park. I promise you this I missed you.
My beautiful boy. What will you become.

Journalling 18/01/2012

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