18 Jan 2012

{Stories from my Camera} #1

Blurry photos.
Mucky boy.
Daily life.
You are getting so good at feeding yourself, you switch between using your left hand and right hand. Though you do normally favour your left. You take the spoon off mummy and insist on doing it yourself.
You love to have your porridge in the morning, and eat it all up. Mummy has tied a tea towel round your neck (couldn't find a bib!) Our morning routine is up, then a cup of tea before having your porridge. You know where it is, and you know which milk to use (blue milk for Maxwell, Red milk for Mummy)
You have recently learnt that to cool hot food down you have to blow on it. And now whenever I say something is hot (whether it is the kettle, taking the clothes out of the dryer or when the oven is on) you automatically go to cool it down by blowing - too cute.
As much as I love to see you be independent and feed yourself, it is nice that you still rely on mummy to finish it off.

Photos taken 16/01/2012

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  1. Ah the joys of a child feeding themselves. I remember it well.....and so does the carpet, the walls and even the ceiling!