25 Jan 2012

{Shaka Zulu: January Date Night}

I love Groupon. Yes, it can be random at times and a little bit odd. But sometimes you do strike a good deal.

A few months ago now we had been talking to a friend re restaurants we had been too. He mentioned that he had heard good things about Shaka Zulu and we should try and go. its a South African Restaurant and the food is supposed to be lovely.  A few days later that Groupon email was in my inbox with an offer for the very same restaurant. What's a girl to do other than persuade the other half we should buy the vouchers and try it out.

As mentioned this was a few months ago, and well, when I checked the vouchers at the beginning of the year I noticed the expiry date - which just so happened to be the middle of January. Whoops - better make that booking.

The timing was not great (we had been out the night before to celebrate K birthday which had involved a few cocktails, bottles of champagne and vodka shots. Therefore we were a little fragile on the Sunday) but we arranged a babysitter for the afternoon and made the trek up to Camden for a little date.

We originally could not find the restaurant (when I say we, I mean me, I googlemapped the location. It came out on a main road. Seriously how hard can it be to find. I missed the fact it was actually IN Camden Market and that place is like a rabbit warren) but we got directions from a local and arrived outside.

The restaurant was below ground level and you need to take a escalator to reach the reception area. But walking into the restaurant truly was breath taking. The whole place was full of tribal prints, wooden furniture, life size statues of people and floor to ceiling wood carvings of animals, patterns and generally beautiful designs.

We were taken down to our tables (on yet another escalator) and seated in a lovely lit corner of the busy restaurant. Our voucher had entitled us to the South African tasting menu.

The food was amazing. We tried different things and the spicing on each was lovely. I really enjoyed my main of Bobotie and would definitely have that dish again.

A really lovely date with stunning food. What more could you want. (apart from maybe enjoying it with the slight remnants of hangover from the previous nights antics!)
Soft Shell Crab & Chicken Curry with Boiled Egg

Bobootie & Beef Spit Roast
Melktart &  Koeksister

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