4 Jan 2012

{Happy New Year}

Apologies in advance!

So Christmas happened, my JYC is part done, Maxwell had a fab time, we ate lots of food and saw lots of friends. Maxwell seems to love Christmas as much as me (we love the lights, the tree, the baubles and wasn't even that frightened of Father Christmas)

And we saw in the new year with a few close friends.

It seems the advent of a new year, makes people think about recording your life. There is lots of talk at the moment about project life. As much as I love the idea, I know I would struggle with this project. But I love my Document albums - I completed my 2010 (it needs a title page and an end page but its done!) and I am currently trying to complete my 2011 album. And I will do this project again this year. The format I find works for me is:

  1. A memorabilia page, with a pocket or envelope to fill with bits and pieces or even extra photos from that month. I would also like to include some of Maxwell's artwork each month in this page too (he such a creative little man and got a lovely art desk from his godparents for Christmas) I would also like to include a card of some sort in this pocket filled with what has happened this month - I might modify this idea slightly.

  2. A split photo page. I take lots of photos on my iPhone (more on that to follow) and I like to fill this page with photos off my phone, as this is where I seem to capture our everyday life. Something which I found I like from working on last years album, is I like to dedicate at least 3 of the small sections to photos of M. Things he has done, achieved, like or places we have gone.

  3. A focus page. I choose one event from the month and scrapbook it. I store all my layouts chronological anyway (so will be starting my 2012 ones too! eek!) so having just one layout in my document album suits me fine.I have also set aside a notebook to tally up things like, visitors we have had, places we have gone, films we have watched and crafting projects I have completed. I think this would be a nice addition to my monthly layouts.

Now every year I attempt to take a photo a day. and every year I fail.

However December I completed taking a photo a day, and I think my key to completing this task was I took all my pictures on my iPhone. I have been using the camera+ app mainly but recently downloaded snapseed too which I will play around with. I sit on my phone most evening having a browse etc - so I can sit, edit and save any photos I have taken that day.

My aim (now this is the scary bit) will be to try and upload them to my blog - I'm thinking weekly not sure I could cope daily!

I will also aim to photograph and upload my document layouts (especially last years ones! to share with all you guys)

I should try and use my blog more. For memory keeping at the very least.

Finally 2011 was wonderful, amazing - I got married, spent lots of fab time with my family and friends and saw lots of new babies!! EEKK!! I'm hoping 2012 is just as wonderful (if a little cheaper!)

A few resolutions from me:

  1. I should worry less (anyone who knows me knows this will be hard!)

  2. I should relax a little more (and not worry what people think - see point 1)

  3. I should be a little more selfish at times (and put myself first occasionally)

Much Love L

p.s you have permission to nag me if I have not uploaded my pictures

p.p.s sorry not photos - blogging from work! oops!


  1. Glad to hear your doing document 2012, I'm doing the same thing as I have 2 young sons and I want to document the everyday for them to look back on! Looking forward to seeing how your pages come together! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. blogging from work? how naughty!
    I think your 4th resolution should be to come to Leeds to visit me and Rach :)

  3. I am really going to try and document 2012. I love your resolutions, I picked number 3 for myself too this year. Hope to see you at the crop x

  4. Some of your resolutions reflect my own. Why do we worry so much? Why do we worry what people think or compare ourselves to others? We shouldnt be so hard on ourselves. Good luck with the resolutions.