8 Jan 2012

{2012:Week 1}

First week of January.


Saw us seeing in the new year, a trip to a garden centre, an open house with some old family friends and seeing the in laws (plus new baby cuddles with Kezia!),  K turning 31, a walk in the park, a little light scrapping and a house full of friends and family (and some home baked birthday cake) Saw the first official day back to real life, both at work, some crazy weather, both being crazy tired, and going to bed early,  being happy that the weekend was here, I went and saw my families new office (they moved over Christmas), I cooked for M and he ate it all (this is a minor miracle as he can be quite fussy with eating), going to the first kids birthday party of the year, and a rather messy night out to celebrate the big fella's birthday - which involved wine, free cocktails, shots and bottles of champagne and vodka!

Crafting this week included starting the 8th stripe on my ripple and ccompleting my November multi photo page.

TV, we watched and loved Treasure Island (Eddie Izzard rocked it!) & Sherlock (I love this programme!!!!)

Happy crafting y'all.


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