22 Jan 2012

{2012: Week 3}

Sunday. Very relaxed. I was still feeling under the weather. I chilled at home (with crochet, jelly beans and recorded Poirot on the TV) while K took little man off to visit his grandparents. Then more relaxing and family fun.

Monday. Messy play at our local children's centre. M loves it - today he played with rice, noodles, cornflakes, jelly, flour and soapy water. (glad it was here and not in my house) He also tried celery. Not so keen on that.

Tuesday. Work. Which OK, my boss was back off her holiday so good to catch up. Then in the evening scrapping with some good friends, an m&s ready meal and snacks. My attempt to catch up on my 2011 album!

Wednesday. A days holiday from work for me. M still went to nursery. In the afternoon he had his first haircut. He behaved and was more annoyed he was being made to sit still and not allowed to play with the toys. Today I also decided to attempt ProjectLife instead of my usual Document album. We shall see how this goes.

Thursday. Another days holiday, M went to nursery. After I completed some tasks (like sorting out clothes that no longer fit M, hoovering, washing etc) I scrapped. Made more progress on project life plus some other layouts. Went out for drinks with work colleagues as well.

Friday. Mummy time. Trip to asda for baking supplies, then soft play (met up with an old school friend not seen each other in years!!), then took little man out for lunch in chiquitos. We then headed home, he fell asleep in the car. Once home I baked Peanut Butter, Chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies. Plus cooked a curry for dinner. My brother in law came round in the evening, which meant I left the boys playing the PlayStation.

Saturday. Went to a craft fair with my parents, nan and sister this morning. And made the felt ball above at a make and take. Got some basics (smooth cardstock, a new trimmer) then Krispy Kreme for coffee. Home and family time. Plus writing the invites for M's second Birthday party next month! EEK. Only downside, having one hell of a headache.

Also this week I started reading Players by Karen Swan. (I enjoy reading trashy chick lit books!!) and this book has got hooked. Over half way through, and just want to keep reading it!! I have also watched this week The Kings Speech (loved it!) and Bridesmaids (very funny).

Happy Thoughts.



  1. Wow what a week!!!!
    You see PL is perfect for all of these reasons! Now you will never forget such a fan fun filled week!!

    Ps you do deserved the L time this week !
    Live & kisses xxxxxxxx

  2. Fabulous record of your week. There is a project life forum on ukscrappers with links to printables and chat if you fancy popping over!