20 Jan 2012

{2011 Layouts}

It is only when I look back over my albums that I realise exactly how many layouts I completed last year. I'm thinking its around about the 100 mark (taking into accounts my Document2011 Album). Days I doubt my ability to create a page I like, it always makes me happy to go back and take a look at pages I do like. I find it hard to look at my layouts and identify a defined style. Whereas I can look at other layouts online or by friends and automatically see 'them' in their work. When at a crop or away for a weekend scrapping I find myself quite often looking at others in awe at their ability to create such awesome layouts in a style I don't think I could ever quite achieve. But I am becoming more comfortable with my layouts, and the way I create. I am also trying to be more relaxed in my creativity, as these layouts are going in my albums. No one elses. Me and my family are the ones that will have to look at the hideous colour combo, mispelt words or blurry photos. No one else has to look at my layouts ever again - except K. I think I will continue to force him to take an interest in 12x12 bits of paper!!

In honour of me being able to be more objective and, dare I say, positive about my 'work' -  I decieded to go over the layouts I created in 2011 and produce a (kind of) top 5 of my favorites from last year. I have not included my Document2011 layouts (I am hoping to finsh that album soon and will try and blog them soon!) Then, in no particular order, may I introduce my 2011 top 5 layouts.
 The brief for this layout was set while taking part in the ScrapFactor competition over on UKS.There are several elements off this layout I have repeated on layouts recently, and I do love the bunting and bling on here. Which adds a little femine touch to a masculine subject matter. And the colour combo I adore - kraft and white (love pairing these two!) with green, orange, pink and blue. Plus the photo still makes my heart melt just a little bit, remebering looking down at this beautiful baby boy in the hospital and knowing right there and then he was all mine. Such a huge but amazing feeling.
 OOHHH aqua woodgrain! (I have offically used every last scrap of this paper now! #sadtimes) I love the engagment photos SJ took of me and K last year (actually about this time last year) I really like the fact I crocheted the flowers on this layout too. And black butterflies, another of my fave things to add to a page.
 I actually think that one of the big things I love about this page is the memories I have of making it. On a fab weekend away with the most amazing girls (so thankful this hobby has led me to them, they make pretty much everyday that bit more fun!) Apart from that I really like the fact I over embellished, clashed colours, wrote on the photo and doodled. I just kept adding things - sometimes pages just work like that. A bit of everything all smooshed together and held down with some glue and staples. (You gotta love a hobby that allows you to use glue, stapes and glitter right?)
 I LOVE the papers on this page - I actually love the top right pink one so much I have bought it a few times more!! Mainly I love this page for the construction of it. The ethos behind it. Basically as I said I love these papers, and what better way to show them off apart from sticking them down on the paper. This is my go-to technique, to get me out of a scrapping slump and get me inspired again. Plus I love I was able to use some really old embellishments (the amy butler butterflies) which have been in my stash for ages - seriously what good are they sitting in my stash, no one can see how pretty they are there!!
And finally... This page was an outcome of Shimelles Pretty Paper Party class. And I love it. I love the balance, I love the colurs and I love the pattern. (you see black butterflies again!!) And I really like the negitive from the punches. Plus this page sybolises my effort to go back and scrap those missing stories from my album. You see how relaxed I am about  saying that. I know my albums are not complete, I know I have not scrapped everysinglephoto I own. I know my story still has pages to go. All of the above does no longer fill me with fear. It fills me with the desire to want to record these memories, and all those to come (and to continue my document albums to record the RIGHTNOW stuff). I am just happy to be inspired right now. The silver lining is that if I have had scrapped these photos as they happened way back at the begining of 2010 when I was overdue - I might not of created a page I loved as much as I love this one. Things are what they are, you cannot change the past. But look what the present allowed me to create.

Have you looked over your layouts or crafting adventures you completed last year? What did you really love that you made?

Happy thoughts.



  1. Isn't it funny, I'm sure many of us at the crop sit and look at your layouts in awe :) and if I had a pile of layouts in front of me, I'd be pretty sur I'd know you style ... And it's gorgeous :)

  2. How can you say you don't have a style Leanne! Your pages are so 'you' - they are always fresh, trendy and, well, awesome!