13 Jan 2012


I was reading some online blogs, as per usual. And stumbled across this idea. Thought I would try and incorporate this idea into my document album - maybe as a separate page protector, or I might just go into my normal year album. Who knows. Are you taking 12 in 2012?
And this was my 12/01/2012.
A crazy (as my working days are) morning, attempting to get everyone out of the house to get to nursery/work on time. Then at breakfast at my desk, lunch at my desk. Hometime - and my weekend! Whoop! Rush to do the nursery pick up, plus been told that little man will be moving up to toddler room this month. Home, a cuppa tea and some buttons for the boy while I fix dinner. Playtime - currently he is obsessed with puzzles. Bedtime for little ma, he was exhausted. Dinner and a little crochet while watching Eternal Law with the hubby. Not an overly exciting day - just normal everyday life.



  1. And what a lovely normal everyday life you have :-) I must learn to crochet, your blanket looks gorgeous xx

  2. Love this snapshot of your day to day life! Thanks for playing along with Ella's Take 12 project!

  3. I love your collage. Great pics of a regular day.