28 Nov 2011

{JYC : 2011}

This year I decieded to take a different aproach (rather than assume, yes I will have time to make my pages from scratch each day! Along with work, being a mum, it being nearly Chrismtas and general other craziness that goes along with Decemeber) And that approach was to make up **most** of pages in advance, so that they are pretty much ready to go. But you could add more embellishments, titiles or numbers where required.

The first thing I knew had to be done was to make a plan on the album format. After much delibiration - I settled on 6x6. I thought this size would be 1.more achievable for me on a daily basis 2. was better value of money for me (one 12x12 sheet will make 4 pages!). Step one decision made.

Step two. Photos or words? I use my Iphone daily to take pictures, and I use instagram a lot. This is how many of my friends and me stay connected with each other. I love the effects you get with the photos. And I love that I always have my *camera* with me. I know I will take lots of other christmas shots with DSLR, but I love the look of square prints you get through instagram. After some lengthy discussions on twitter mainly - I settled on have a words focus page and oppsite this I will have a photo focus page. I will print all the photos in one go after Christmas  (cheaper!) and probaly embellish them slightly with punched shapes and other prettyness. Settling on this as plan, then aided the next step.

Step three. My pages. For creating my album I bought the Chirstmas in a Box kit that Shimelle put together. Then this along with whatever other Chrimtmas bits I had would be my core supplies. I did order a 100 manilla tags (planning on using them on my Christmas wrapping also!) but I wanted something fairly simple I could use throughout my album to offer some continutiny. I then gathered some cardstock in a mix of blues, greens, kraft, white and pink. I cute these into 6x6. Out of the kit I picked a selection of papers I wanted to use as backgrounds, these were all cute 5.5 x 5.5. The pages were then made up from these bases. Some more simple than others, but all are ready for Decemeber 1st.

Throughout my pages I used some enevlopes (some were sealed and then cut to make pockets), some with journalling cards, some with tags - but all of them I have left some space for journalling. My plan is also to add pages or inserts without the album were needed. It will as always be a work in progress - but the main bulk is done.
 As I have taken part in JYC before I am more aware of what some of the prompts which happen throughout the class - therefore I did make some of the pages more directed ready for that theme, but the majority are pretty simple, ready to be embellished & titled.

I havn't made any numbers, as I will see what each day brings in terms with how this fits - but I am toying with the idea of adding the number to the photo page?! (as I said this is a work in progress!) All my Christmas bits are now all stored together (with some letters, ribbons, etc) so that I can either attempt to complete my page daily! (doubtful) or spend a couple of hours at the weekend and finish the pages.

As with other years, I will probably tweet some of my journalling daily to. Helps me remember.

I hope all of you who are taking the class are excitied and I would love to know how you will be doing your album!

Roll on the 1st!



  1. totally amazing & inspiring Leanne, I love it!

  2. Love it, The Manilla tags look great, will have to try that next year as I've already prepped my album for this year! Can't wait to see if filled, bet your christmas will be magical with Maxwell as I'm hoping mine will be with my 2 boys aged 2 1/2 and 7months!

  3. Really lovely pages. You are far more organised then me. My box of goodies was delivered today. I started to cut out little pretties to make my number tags and I cut the cardstock today.

    My plan is to get this project completed by Mid Jan unlike last years which was completed in July!!!

    Organisation ans simplicity is the way I am going this year.

    Christmas will be magically for the next few years as Maxwell will be more aware of what is going on.