28 Nov 2011

{JYC : 2010}

I have made a few discoveries about myself and crafting recently.
1. I do not cope well with deadlines
2. I find it hard to always craft everyday
3. I am embarrassed at my numerous unfinished projects
4. All of the above fills me with guilt.
That being said, I had decided that once again I wanted to take part in JYC again this year. But before I could prep 2011(blog post on that to follow) I wanted to make a big effort to complete my 2010 album. I had done a lot of the journalling in a notebook for the season. I wanted to combine my notes with my photos and my Christmas Stash. So out it came and I spent one afternoon / evening finishing my album.
Last year I opted for a multi sized album and I had already done about a third of the album. I sat down with my photos and my album, and I made a plan of what I wanted to record. I had last year, punched all sorts of different shapes out of my older Christmas stash (only the punches I had - circles, labels, stars etc) and stored them along with any other tags or sayings, all in a Quality Street tin - festive! This has been brilliant for just pulling together embellishments for my pages (and I used the same tin of shapes for my pages for this year too!)
I am so pleased I was able to finish my album. Here are a few pics of my finished album. Throughout the album I added envelopes which I put the pages with my original journalling in. I added pages of just a single photo, or a bigger layout with journalling. I included some reciepte, handwritten enevlopes & even a decoration off the tree.
I am very excited to be doing my JYC again this year. I will share how I started my album for this year later. (sorry some of the pictures are out of order, but blogger was being temperamental!)
Thanks for stopping by.
Just a quick note as well, I've posted a quick project over the fiskars blog. Drop by and take a look.

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  1. you already know I think this album is totally gorgeous - it really is!