30 Oct 2011

{Pretty Paper Party #3}

The most productive prompt.

I took 8 sheets of patterned paper. Choose a couple to be left whole. The rest I cut up. Yes, cut up all of them into various shaped blocks.

Then I picked photos and created layouts. This was most awesome idea! Shimelle rocks!

And I created 6 layouts - and I had tons left over which went back into my scrap bag (the idea is to carry on scrapping but the weekend came and I am unable to leave my stash out - but the scraps will be used again  - as will this technique!)
 Our first and one of the only (due to a very over excitied little man who did not want to stay still!) from the wedding as an offical family. Actaully makes me happy all these layers of patterned paper.
A photo from earlier in the year of me and my sister. The title is the nickname my parents call us - SD1 and SD 2 - which means 'sad daughter' (sad not as in unhappy but sad as geeky). I made the little pennats along the bottom - love them!

 Pictures from Lauras wedding (which k pointed out I put the wrong year on! Must correct that srsly my brain is a fail sometmimes) Plus this pattened paper i had been 'saving' for ages. Happy I've used it now!
 Old pics of the boy. simple but i love the photos so much.

A record keeping layout about the boys sleeping habits, nap times etc. Again Simple but a layout i'm happy I have.

Finally a picture of my bridesmaids taken on my friend Helens hen weekend. yay.


  1. I loved this prompt too - very liberating to just cut into paper! Fab layouts, especially the simple ones - it's the little details of life I want to capture at the moment.

  2. wow these are completely stunnin, im coming back to do some pinning, get my creative-ness flowing

  3. I've still not done this prompt properly. I'm hoping to do it this weekend when I can sit down properly and hopefully be as productive as you've been! XXX