26 Oct 2011

{Pretty Paper Party #1}

I signed up to Shimelle new class.

If you haven't I would suggest you should

Amazing amount of inspiration (I have completed 6/7 layouts in under a week from the first 3 prompts!!!) This has totally given me my mojo back.

Rather than put all those layouts in one post I though i would split them up and number them based on the prompts for other class followers.

From Prompt 1 I did two layouts (but i'm sure, as with all the promptes I will go back to them and make more layouts!)

 A couple of pics taken on my iphone from the top of our trip on The Echo Wheel while in Liverpool on our honeymoon. I loved being able to get so many patterns onto my layout without being so overpowering.
The offical 'here is your wedding certificate' moment.I really like the paper sections as the other layout, but this is a bit softer. I actually used 7 different patterns here!!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful layouts, i am so gonna scraplift the echo wheel one!!! Soz !! lol :))))

    Love and kisses xxxxx

  2. Love that top one, I need to make a LO based on that sketch.

    Yours are gorgeous!

    Hurrah for Pretty Paper Party and our returned mojos!


  3. Fab Pages! I've signed up too but due it being half term this week I've not had a lot of time to scrap so have only done prompt one but will get back to it next week! x

  4. your layouts are gorgeous. I'm doing the lessons too and I'm with you my mojo reappeared! I've not posted any yet but I've done so many layouts! I even got inspired to buy my christmas album stuff early! I'm totally using the prompts again!

  5. I love the layouts you've created with Shimelle's latest class. They look fantastic. I think I'm going to have to sign up to this one.
    Thanks for sharing - Ju x