24 Oct 2011

{Crop Day : October}

The October crop was great fun, and I was very productive even though I was extremely disorganised. I actually just dumped all my photos, papers etc in a couple of bags and trundled off. I did use Shimelle sketches and starting points for my layouts - a great jump start! And i have plans to try the new starting point for a layout soon (I'm not usually quick enough to get in before the deadline!)

I have a huge pile to scrap (wedding honeymoon etc) but I also recently went through my albums and reorganised then chronologically and there are a few stories missing. So I have printed off those pictures and I am going back and scrapping the stories.

As many will know my friend Laura, recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Now Laura has done an amazing job at recording her pregnancy. I didn't. At all, and I am amazed at what Laura did and I also at what some of my other friends have recorded their pregnancies and their children. I have a crop friend by the name of Michealanne, and she has given birth to a lovely little chap called Jimmy. Michelanne recorded her whole pregnancy weekly in an awesome 12x12 album! She is a super mum! And I'm pretty sure she will always be up to date scrapping Jimmy's life! (Unlike me!!) And my other friend Jen has done an amazing job a photographing Benjamin on a monthly basis (again something else I didn't do or think of doing!) All these things inspire me to be better mum and at recording these things. One thing I did complete last year was my document album - which is a lovely record of seeing Maxwell change (plus all my photos are stored by date so I can look back at them) I know I didn't record much of my pregnancy by photo partly as I was worried something would go wrong and partly I think as I didn't 'look' pregnant till right near the end. (and also our camera was broke for a large proportion of 2009) However I have made the effort to print off a selection of photos from that year and make an attempt to scrap them. I might not have amazing whole albums that I envy of my friends but I can least have a few pages in my album. That's gotta be worth something right?

So on top of my wedding, honeymoon and general pictures of Maxwell - I now have a pile of older photos to get down in my album (and I am not going to panic about scrapping them all now!) I will enjoy the process of choosing my pictures and papers and being inspired.

All this means my pages are not all one theme (which helps the overwhelming feeling of scrapping my wedding now!!! lol!) and means it is exciting to pull out a photo and scrap that now! I hope at least.
At the crop then I scrapped 3 honeymoon layouts, 1 wedding layout, 1 recent Maxwell layout and 1 old 2009 picture of our 3 month scan of Maxwell  - which happened to fall on our anniversary. I used a mix of my studio calico kits, some new American Crafts paper and my scrap bag.
I love these recent pics of M at the park. This was an exclusive paper design in the calico kit. I cut some matching shapes out of patterned paper in green, to pull the green from the photo. A few girls at the crop did a similar page via a sketch, so I took up the crop challenge.
My husband pulls the silliest faces!! Srsly. These pics were taken a few hours before we headed home to London. I cut down the 4x6 to form a photo strip effect. (I love these thickers so much!!)
Our journey to Liverpool was hellish! 8 hours! Crazy! During our honeymoon I took lots of pics on my iPhone to, so I can scrap a mix of pictures.
My sister organised our whole honeymoon, which was a surprise as we had no plans to go away. Our whole bridal party chipped in for us to have a break away as Mr& Mrs and Liverpool was a lovely city location. My sister had made envelopes for us to open each day which told us about our planned, prebooked and prepaid activities - I kept all the letters and wanted to include them on my pages. This was our first activity. And as the journey was awful getting there our trip on the wheel took place a little later than imagined but it was still lovely.
The wedding layout. It makes me happy. All that matters.
And finally the scan picture. Looking back at this makes me emotional. And sitting at the crop writing the journalling made me tear up. That little baby bean there in the scan is now a big healthy boy of 20 months.

That's all for now.


  1. heart heart heart all of these but eps, M's scan layout now that is cute and you missy look TRES beautiful in your honeymoon layout !!
    guess what....... you are awesome. FACT!!!!! xxxx

  2. Gorgeous layouts Leanne, I love them.
    I love this post and have now read it a couple of times, I too have so many photos to scrap from so many different events and normal day to day things [I have two little ones and always have a camera in my hand which results in an overwhelming mountain of piccies to scrap] I didnt record either pregnacy and have been meaning to do an album for each of their first 12 months but the more I look at my pile of photos the more I stress and get a get a great big fat zero of them scrapped.
    After reading your post it made me realise that scrapping is my hobby and I love it and there are no time limits and to stop putting preasure on myself. I'm just going to grap a couple of photos and enjoy the process.
    Thanks for being so inspiring hun.
    Ju x