20 Oct 2011

{20 months on...}

This week Maxwell turned 20 months. Wow.

I still can't quite believe it some days. That, me, I am a real life actual mum. Times have been difficult, and stressful and tearful. But the majority of the time is pretty amazing being a mum to this little man.

I do doubt my abilities sometimes. And I compare myself and the way we are raising m to others. I am constantly worried i am doing something wrong or I am not good enough for him.

These past 20 months have been amazing I have become a wife and mum. Truly lucky and blessed.

At 20 months old maxwell is

Not talking (the odd word!) but is understanding so much. He knows where he trainers go once they have taken off. He knows how to turn the beside light on among other things.

He is babbling more and more. Though his favourite thing to say is 'dad'. Little man is a true daddy's boy. When the phone rings he says Dad, when the doorbell rings he says dad and when he looks at photos he says dad.

He is loving looking at my albums. He takes them off the shelf and likes to turn the pages (and says dad at pics of K)

He is very clever and only has to see you do something once and he remembers. Like the other day he saw K put on his knee support, now when k is getting dressed he likes to 'help' daddy put his support on.

He has been sleeping in his cotbed for a few months now (as he learned to climb out of his cot!), which is working well. Except we have had a run of early mornings recently.

He has started to 'pull' us by the hand or leg if he wants us to do something. Like wake up! Or go to the kitchen. I'm trying to encourage him to actually tell me what he wants. All in good time I guess.

He is so loving. And even though he is a daddy's boy, if he gets into bed with us. It is always a snuggle with mummy!!

My little boy is at times a handful. He loves to explore, run about, climb, make noise and generally be a little monster. But I wouldn't change him. Im the one who needs to change. I need to relax and not worry about how others see him. (I just want to be a good mum!)

I write this now while sitting next to my lil fella all tucked up in bed. Lucky mummy indeed.



  1. Aww, lovely post!! You are a fantastic Mummy and the fact you have a happy, loving little boy is proof!! Having said that your worries are perfectly natural and I guess even though my daughter is 8 years old, i still worry if I'm getting it right! xx

  2. The worrying never stops - it just means you want the best for your little one and that you are doing the most amazing job in the world x

  3. That is such a lovely post. You are a fantastic mummy and that is a FACT! When M is just a little bigger he'll tell you that himself. You are doing such a great job x