18 Sept 2011

{It has been...}

18 days since my last post. Geez where has the time gone!?

It has also been almost a month since I became a married woman! Exciting times.

In that time I have been doing some crafting. Some scrapbooking, some sewing and some knitting. Last year I attempted to knit M an advent calender made up of mini stockings, however I am a novice. However I am now making an even bigger attempt to finish them by this Christmas, and I will post pics when they are done (hopefully) by December 1st!!. (there is a reason behind me telling you this promise!) I had been tweeting about the fact I am a slow knitter and that I wanted to complete this project  - and two rather lovely ladies Heather and Jen (who are also friends are the rather lovely Rach!) During the random twittering about my knitting socks - I commented on this blog post by Heather in which she talks about reconnecting with an old friend by letter - like actually real pen and paper letter and not text,email,tweet or facebook status! This made me smile - actual pen pals - did you ever have a pen pal? I remember having holidays and then writing letters to friends you had made on these holidays! Where have pen pals gone? Replaced by facebook me thinks.

Anyway I digress - In this conversation I said to Heather I would love her address so I could write her an actual letter too. We had had conversations over the previously mentioned social media networks but I wanted to write a letter. This exchange took place.

In between all this, my lovely friend Rachel had told Heather (whose crocheting is awesomesauce!! on many levels) about my blanket I was making on our recent trip away scrapbooking. This is totally a work in progress made up of odds and ends of DK yarn in bright colours (fact about me, I crochet way better than I knit and I do enjoy a bit of yarn related crafting - less messy but more stressful sometimes, and a lot slower!) Well Rachel had mentioned to Heather that I would love some DK yarn to add to the blanket. Well guess what came in the post.....

 A lot of lovely yarn, which will most definitely come to some good use in my blanket. And yesterday in the post, a card full of real handwriting!! and some lovely letters spelling out Maxwell (soon to be making an appearance in his room) Rachel has also donated some lovely yarn to my cause too!!
 So now I need more lovely stationary to send a letter back (this is writing etiquette obvs!) and as a request from Heather - my work in progress blanker. The pattern can be found here. But I think I will do mine horizontal instead of vertical.

It is a bit crazy in colours I know!! But I like it.

Enjoy your Sunday peeps! xx


  1. Leanne your blanket is LOVELY, I think stripes are so ace and all the colours look great. I'm happy that you got the post and you like your yarn and your letters :-) xxx

  2. I've had penpals since I was 9 yrs old, not very many these days but I do still write a few people :) the t'internet will never quite be the same as a real paper and pen letter on the doormat :) gorgeous blanket, I like how colourful it is

  3. Very many congratulations! Your pics are beautiful :) It's nice to hear about coming back to crafty things after the wedding madness settles, loving your colours xx