1 Sep 2011

{10 Facts about 'The' Wedding...}

  1. I like the refer to it as 'the' wedding - you know like 'the' royal wedding!

  2. My flowers were Calla Lille's, Gerber as, Roses and Lisianthus - and some diamante obvs!

  3. I wore a lot of bling in my hair and had a lot of shimmery prettiness all over me!

  4. K had a special wedding car of a Ford Mustang 1946 (I think) He is a real American muscle car fan

  5. I had 3 bridesmaids (in 3 different colours!), a baby flower girl and K had 3 best men (also colour coded!) and Maxwell of course!

  6. Our first dance was to Chakka Khan, 'Ain't Nobody'

  7. I wore pink shoes and K had orange socks!

  8. My something borrowed was the tiara I wore, my something blue was 'I Do' gems on the soles of my shoes, my something old was a bracelet which was my Nan's and my something new were my earrings from bridesmaids.

  9. We had two cakes - a cupcake tier and a traditional Jamaican Rum cake 3-tier.

  10. Our photos were taken by the very awesome Shimelle and SJ. (And check out Shimelle blog for some of the pictures Yay!!!)


  1. Congratulations!!!
    I saw some photos on Shimelle's blog... WOW... looks like a really wonderful Wedding. I love the colours and details. You looked beautiful and so, so, happy. All the best.
    Mandy McK

  2. Congrats to you both!! Saw the pics on shimelle's blog! Loved the pic of your & K's shoes!! x

  3. Congratulations, you both look fabulous. Love all the colour!

  4. I've just seen the photos, as I knew tou would, you made a beautiful, beautiful bride. Sending love and congrats to you both. X

  5. Love the photos on Shimelle's blog. You looked stunning and the colourscheme was so lovely. Can't wait to see the photos on layouts! I'm waiting (impatiently!) for our photographs at the moment! Xx