12 Aug 2011

{Summer Days}

OK, so our summer has been a little washed out!! But I have been able to get a few good 'Summer photos' this year (in between all the rain)

I created this layout a little different than my usual approach. As in I selected my photos, then found the embellishments I wanted to use - before I even though about cardstock, patterned paper or letter stickers. I am pleased with the results.
Rather than make the journalling for this layout actually specific to the event in which the photos were taken, I used the 'summer' photos as a starting point to list some summer memories so far from 2011.

Journalling reads:

A few Summer 2011 memories so far: playing in the paddling pool in grandma's garden, watching you waddle around the garden in just a nappy, BBQ at grandmas and you drinking from a glass like a big boy, Sitting on the balcony in the sunshine in your toy story chair, learning to eat an ice lolly and loving it, BBQ @ Katies house, you walking round eating a strawberry as big as your hand, going for a walk in with you trike at the park, spending time chilling indoors when the weather was not nice, playing in your sandpit at nannies, playing with the rocks at nannies.

Have fun whatever you doing xx


  1. I like the idea of using a current photo to tell an old story. Lovely page.

  2. Stunning layout, I love the way you've made space for the journalling

  3. This is fab. Definitely feel the same about what has come out of this class. It has opened up a whole new area of stories that I thought I couldn't tell because I didn't have a photo, or a picture I wanted to use but had already told the story. Great idea for all those liitle summer memories that would otherwise be overlooked.