3 Aug 2011


You are not imagining things.

Yes, this is me writing an actual blog post. (Sorry it has been a whole month!!)

Life has been so busy of late.

Firstly, I am getting married in 17 days!! Can't belive how quickly the days have passed. So as you would expect things are pretty busy busy busy at the moment. with last minute planning. This weekend is my hen - and I am very excitied (if a little nervous)

Secondly, My scrapping mojo took a major dive after the scrapfactor competition. It took a while for me to get back into the swing of things. I have been taking part in Shimelle lastest Explore class. Which has really kickstarted things again for me creativlty. I have done a couple of layouts from the class which I will post later this week.

And now.....

A little bullet point list (ready to go onto a layout!) I did a similar layout about this time last year.

Things I am loving right now, August 2011

  • That this month I am getting married. I am very excited, nervous, worried all at the same time about this!!

  • Experimenting with different baking reciepes. I am more confident to find a reciepe and try tweak it here and there. Baking actually makes me happy (sad i know!)

  • That our house is turning more and more into a home. This past week we have got a new sofa, a new bed and chucked a load of rubbish!

  • My gradual weight loss. This isn't something I have blogged about, but around this time last year I started slimming world. Since then I have lost about 3 stone. I am very happy with the figure I now have. And I am very proud of the progress I have made for me.

  • That My little man, is growing up so well. His cleverness amazes me.

  • That I am more relaxed about my scrapping style. More happy to experiment. More happy to make mistakes

  • That I finally got to see Wicked at the theatre. I have had the soundtrack for YEARS!! and finally saw it in actual real life

  • Browsing Pinterest makes me happy, I love looking at pretty pictures. Even if I might never create all those things I see!!

  • That I have some lovely friends and family around me.

  • That after 10 years together I am still so happy to be with my Big Fella, and being his wife :- icing on the cake.

Back soon with pictures...Promise.

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  1. You've got so many wonderful things happening, just enjoy them and worry about the blogging later lol. Goodness only 17 days, how exciting