8 Aug 2011

{In Our Home}

Me & K have lived in our current flat since late 2009. We moved when I was pregnant (blessing as I was unable to lift any of the boxes!!) Gradually things have been looking more and more like our home, with out stamp on it.

Buying bigger pieces of furniture to display our photos and things on, buying a bigger computer table to create more work space, changing the 'spare' room from that to Maxwell's room, and recently over the past couple of weeks making changes to our Sofa (which was smaller as from our old flat) and a new bed, as the old one broke.

However there is one part of home I love the most. The wall above the sofa - which I call the 'photo wall' even though we do have photos in other rooms of the house. The photo on this layout was taken with the first frame up which holds 17 photos. I put this together when I was on maternity leaver. It is all pictures of mine and K first 7 years of our relationship (with a couple of our baby pics thrown in for good measure!) Since this first frame the wall has grown in size.
It now has 10 frames in different sizes, a couple of E monograms, M's fathers day card and a stone from his first trip to the beach.The photo's range from a couple of bump shots we had done, to M's first photo which was taken on the iPhone and uploaded to facebook a few hours after he was born (this is still one of my fave early photos of him), to a few photos from the early part of his life, a family portrait taken on the beach, a photo from his christening and a picture of me and K at Laura's wedding. It also holds a little frame I made. it all makes me happy

The journalling on the layout reads:-

our home may be rented. It may not have much colour on the walls. It may not be all pretty. It may not be co-ordinated and is always full of clutter, toys and STUFF. But there is one area I love. The wall above the sofa. Our 'Photo Wall' Where I can add pictures. You can see our family grown and change as more frames are added. I love having these photos on show. It is now a lot large than this picture, with a few added embellishments. This large frame has photos from our first 7 years together. Before becoming parents to M. These photos are important to our story.

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  1. and soon the wedding shots. i love how ur photo wall has changed as ur lives have too. my friend teresa has an old photo collage she did along time ago back in 199? and it has pictures of a slim me, her and her hubby Max doing all kinds of naughty things. gr8 for a laugh and to show her boys when they're old enough to understand what drunk is and dirty dancing is...........gr8 film,
    jo xxx